Dieynaba Sakho

Passionate about the world of travel, Dieynaba Sakho has been in the aeronautical industry for over 20 years. She has had a very diversified and rich career in terms of professional experience. She made her first steps with Air Senegal as an agent at the airport for 6 years and then became the youngest supervisor of the company at the age of 23. After the airport, she prestigious airline Virgin Nigeria which was in partnership with Virgin Atlantic based in England where she spent 4 years in an agency. Her mission at Virgin was to deal with all the corporate bodies and organizations hence her meticulous way of working and an eye for detail.

In 2010, she joined Emirates where she oversaw the tourism department for 9 years. She was in charge of developing everything that was tourism from Senegal to Dubai and around the world. Thus, at a very young age, this brave lady left everything to launch herself into entrepreneurship to mark her time. Empathetic, creative, meticulous, and very committed, she knew how to by her way of working.

Laawol's vision is to become a plane-free company that will be established all over the world. Laawol advises travellers on the best flight plan; the best price with the best company and proposes the best hotels with a 24 hour service for any assistance. Having integrated large structures, she quickly understood that we help them to prosper and sell dreams while forgetting our own dreams. According to Dieynaba Sakho, the best way to be valued is to wear your identity. Laawol is an identity and the sum of all experiences. The word comes from the polar which means "the way".